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WCD is Now Using Manhattan Scale WMS Software – The Leading Warehouse Management System

Heading into 2015, e-commerce and fulfillment continue to play an ever growing part in our lives. People and organizations globally are relying on the supply chain to always deliver. Whether you’re buying something online and getting it delivered to your door or your company is delivering a shipment to a department store, you expect a seamless logistics experience. Timely and cost effective deliveries as well as product and packaging quality are a must.

We, at West Coast Distribution are in the business of timely, cost effective deliveries, as well as packaging that fits right with our customers’ needs. Our passion for a superior logistics service is always driving our decisions and day to day business. In that regard, we are happy to announce that we have implemented Manhattan SCALE – the leading soft goods warehouse management system (WMS) – at all of our facilities. Not only does Manhattan SCALE offer the best in class WMS but many of our clients are already familiar with the system and its benefits.

Manhattan is built on a Microsoft-based platform and provides a truly comprehensive and flexible solution, combining features, such as Warehouse Management, Labor Management, Yard Management, Trading Partner Management, and many others. In addition, the Manhattan Supply Chain Process Platform provides a unified architecture that allows interactions between multiple software solutions. This essentially allows users to take care of tasks shared across multiple supply chain optimization networks. manh-scale-lgtype

Obviously, there are many different WMS solutions available today. Some Logistics companies choose to utilize custom made in-house systems. Others, choose out-of-the-box products that may provide only partial solutions and, in addition, may need to be further customized for each client. Typically, this partial solution / need for customization problem requires a lot of time and internal IT resources.

What sets Manhattan Scale apart is the holistic nature of the solution it provides. There is no more need for multiple systems or costly and time-consuming customizations.

So, what does this all mean for our customers? Well, for starters, a comprehensive system that allows you to have all the important information at your fingertips, all in one place, leads to superior efficiency and effectiveness in running our clients’ logistics operations. We can optimize inventory, identify potential issues significantly earlier than we could previously, as well as provide advanced visibility, reporting, and forecasting. This inevitably leads to benefits, such as ‘speed to market’, improved inventory management, and reduced labor costs. To put it simply – customers gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, all while saving money.

In addition, the visibility that customers get through the real-time information Manhattan SCALE provides, is a feature many feel you can’t put a price on. It’s like having your child in a daycare facility, equipped with cameras throughout. You can log in from anywhere, anytime, and see what’s going on in real-time without having to wonder… However, this is truly no longer just about real-time information and computer-to-computer communication. What this is really about is empowering people to make quick, well-informed decisions by having a holistic view of their entire logistics operation.

An additional benefit to implementing Manhattan SCALE, as mentioned above, is that many of our customers are already familiar with the solution and its benefits. Because of that, they are more willing to embrace the change. With this familiarity as well as the user-friendliness of the system, we can all look forward to a faster implementation, easier set-up, and reduced training time. In the longer term, the comprehensive nature of the system, its reliable functionality, as well as simplified upgrades, will all help our clients gain a competitive advantage by streamlining their logistics and reducing costs.

As we at WCD begin client-side implementation, we look forward to great things to come in 2015 and beyond. Should you have any questions about how we can improve your logistics operation via our services and by using Manhattan SCALE, please, feel free to contact us.