eCommerce on Demand

Whether you are finally ready to launch your eCommerce business or searching for a better web solution, eCommerce on Demand is the ultimate answer in managed eCommerce. From award-winning web designers to friendly and helpful customer care representatives, we cover every aspect of selling your products online. Need eCommerce Fulfillment only? Click here.

Our solution offers an easy and flexible way to build, grow, and service a robust eCommerce presence. Let us do it all or pay only for the services you need and handle the rest in-house, while our team supports and guides you. Get the control and flexibility you need, while keeping more profits in your pocket.


Strategy & Planning

spWhether you are looking for a complete eCommerce solution, wanting to outsource just some of your eCommerce needs, or anything in-between, we start with our proven strategy and planning process. Our strategic team assesses your needs and goals through a series of meetings and, together, we determine the best eCommerce strategy and service structure for YOUR business. Unlike some of the other eCommerce providers that lock you into long-term contracts and charge a commission on every single sale, we provide you with full transparency and the flexibility to choose only the services you need. For instance, you may want to keep your social media in-house but you do not want to build your website or hire a product photographer. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your customized eCommerce solution matches your needs and those of your customers.

Website & Creative

Through our proven creative process, our brand specialists and award winning web wcdesigners work with you to ultimately deliver a final web design that not only clearly communicates your brand identity and product value proposition, but also effectively elicits a strong direct response in the form of online sales. Our team has developed dozens of award winning websites and is striving to raise the bar each and every day. These talented creative directors, designers, and developers have what it takes to deliver a custom tailored solution that meets all of your goals. Moreover, if you need additional creative services, such as copywriting or logo redesign, we are ready to help, as always, on Demand.

Digital Photography & Video Production

dpvpWe understand that the visual presentation of your product is of the utmost importance and that it not only establishes brand credibility but also communicates product quality and design features. We have established relationships with Los Angeles’ most talented fashion and product photographers, models, stylists, and photo studios, ready to help you achieve the most appealing product presentation. Furthermore, website intro videos as well as product videos are becoming more prevalent, as customers look for more interactive ways to experience brands online. Our talented videographers help you bring your brand (and products) to life, thereby creating a strong customer-brand relationship.

Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Online marketing is what gets you found and puts you in front of your customers’ eyes. omseoSearch engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, and social media are just a few of the tools we utilize to help you maximize your sales. To help you truly stand out and stay engaged with you customers, we set you up and running with online assets, such as custom email marketing campaigns, custom Twitter and Facebook layouts, a custom YouTube channel, and much more. Our online marketing experts have placed our customers in the top 5 spots in Google Search for fashion rankings with keywords, such as Cocktail Dress, Little Black Dress, Romper, Party Dresses, Sexy Tops, Sexy Dresses, Club Dresses, and Jumpsuits.

Fulfillment & Shipping

fsAnyone can ship boxes. However, it takes a deep understanding of your business to fill your orders and serve your customers in accordance with your deeply held company and brand values. Our experience in serving luxury brands has positioned us as a great partner for clients who demand the best-in-class product fulfillment service for their own customers. As we understand your brand inside and out, we design the best packaging solutions that satisfy your customers as well as your business needs. Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities are captured through elements, such as custom promotional inserts and branded wrapping or boxes. Of course, because of our expertise in value-added services, we go beyond pick and pack fulfillment and shipping when needed, should you require services such as embroidery, engraving, or custom heat transfer. Returns and exchanges are also a breeze through our proven reverse logistics process with services, including repairs, steaming, ironing, re-packaging, and more. In addition, our long-established relationships with carriers guarantee a variety of shipping options at great rates.

Customer Care

ccThe experience customers have with your brand means everything. Our 100% US-based call center helps you grow and retain your customer base and provides a truly personal shopping experience that helps you maximize your sales and provide great customer service. Our integrated platform allows our agents to view order status, inventory data, and customer information all at once, making it possible to offer quick, reliable, and highly professional support to all customers. Whether answering phone calls, replying to emails, or communicating through web chat, our representatives offer a truly branded and personalized experience to help you nurture and grow your brand. Resource adjustments for seasonal sales fluctuations and growth are made as needed, and once again, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities are identified and utilized according to your brand’s needs. Most importantly, our agents go above and beyond to identify with and develop a passion for your brand, so they can communicate that passion to your customers in every interaction they have.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

rbiRegularly tracking your eCommerce performance through our customized reports helps you and your support team at WCD derive vital business intelligence and guide future decisions. You will have on-demand access to key site statistics that will enable you to analyze traffic and visitors to your site as well as the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. You have the ability to not only view what web pages your customers spend the most time on and where those customers are located geographically, but you can see important information, such as how many products you’ve sold, your average order value, and the total sales you’ve generated. Track your marketing campaigns, including pay-per-click advertising and email campaigns to fine-tune and improve future marketing efforts. Make product layout and cross-sell / up-sell decisions, based on your customers’ behavior and needs. This fine-tuning and improvement process not only allows you to continue to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations but it also helps you steadily grow your own bottom line.

Online Sale & Your Success

osysThis is what it’s ultimately all about – the online sale and your success. Through our proven method and the flexibility it allows, we help you turn customers into loyal brand ambassadors who keep coming back. However, we don’t stop there, as we believe in continuously improving everything we do. As your eCommerce efforts succeed, we look for more ways to help you stay ahead of the curve and continue to grow. That’s our goal with eCommerce on Demand!