The use of advanced technology at all of West Coast Distribution’s locations creates a clear advantage for our clients, as it makes all operations not only highly efficient and accurate but also, fully transparent.

Technology Advantage


As a logistics and fulfillment company we understand that technology plays a key role in effective and efficient supply chain management, which is why we have adopted the best technology and solutions available. Our logistics and fulfillment technologies allow us to not only fully integrate and automate our operations but they also enable us to provide transparency, visibility, and accuracy to our clients.

Warehouse Management System


Our warehouse management system automates and streamlines all operations performed at our facilities. In addition, the system feeds data into our client-accessible systems, such as the E-Portal, in real time, so clients are able to access important up-to-date information anytime, anywhere. 

EDI, E-Portal, and RF Bar-coding


EDI or Electronic Data Interchange allows for information, such as orders, to flow seamlessly, securely, and without delays from you the client, to us, and the other way around. EDI increases the speed, accuracy, integrity, and reliability of data, while allowing for format standardization and complete and comprehensive audits that significantly decrease administrative costs.

Our E-Portal allows clients to securely access account information anytime, anywhere using our web-based platform. You can view inventory, orders, customized reports and more, while knowing that all data is fully up-to-date and in real-time.

RF Bar-coding allows us to quickly and accurately capture, transmit, and store information pertaining to your inventory. As inventory arrives or leaves the warehouse, it is scanned by our laser bar-code scanners and transmitted immediately into our WMS. As soon as the data enters the WMS it is available to you, the client, through your personal E-Portal.

Safety and Security


We believe that the safety and security of your products is of the utmost importance, which is why we utilize top notch security tools and procedures at all of our product fulfillment centers. We ensure your assets are safe at all times of the day and night.