Why 3PL?

Third Party Logistics is about creating a comprehensive Supply Chain Solution. It’s a push toward efficiency, effectiveness, and re-focusing on your core capabilities.

Why 3PL


Once a back-room silo function within the manufacturer or brand, Logistics has evolved into an efficient outsourced operation, that is allowing companies to save money, effectively outsource their entire supply chain, and achieve unprecedented speed-to-market. In addition, operations such as West Coast Distribution that provide a host of virtually unlimited Finishing and Value Added services, offer extra benefits, which in turn, further improve a brand’s bottom line.

As a third-party logistics provider we specialize in providing an integrated yet flexible operation. This means that all of our services can be modified to the customer’s exact specifications and scaled, as needed, at any time. In addition, our Los Angeles based organization provides you with proximity to some of the world’s major ports and airports and gives you the ability to distribute nationwide and worldwide.

When considering third-party logistics and fulfillment companies, we recommend that you look for the following:

  1. A comprehensive consultative approach and a true partnership
  2. Continuous communication and a get-it-done attitude
  3. Someone who doesn’t tell you how to run your business, only provides you with the best logistics solutions that make sense for you and your bottom line
  4. Comprehensive services, including Warehousing, Transportation, and Finishing / Value Added
  5. Fast and accurate order turn-around, often within 24 hours or less when needed
  6. Established relationships and willingness to work with your customers and 3rd party vendors
  7. State-of-the-art technology solutions, including Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), EDI, RF Barcoding, and an IT team that ensures seamless integration
  8. Online access to your inventory and orders anytime, anywhere
  9. Transparency and visibility
  10. Hassle-free scalability
  11. A dedicated team and easy access to anyone from your account manager to upper management

West Coast Distribution has been offering the above approach and solutions to our customers since our inception, which is why we believe our clients continue to trust us with their business year after year. You can read our customer testimonials here.