West Coast Distribution provides Warehousing, Finishing, Transportation, and eCommerce services to clients in the Apparel, Retail, and Lifestyle industries.

Our Services


West Coast Distribution is a leading provider of Warehousing, Fulfillment, Finishing, Transportation, and eCommerce services in the Apparel, Retail, Lifestyle industries, and beyond. Our partnership approach to doing business with our clients is what really sets us apart and our focus on technology and people is what brings results and gives our clients a competitive advantage.

Fulfillment & Warehousing Services


With over 700,000 square feet in warehousing space, we offer a comprehensive suite of warehousing and retail & apparel fulfillment services at all of our facilities. We use advanced technologies in every facet of our operation to maximize efficiency and provide a competitive advantage to our clients. Warehousing Services are offered as Dedicated or Shared solutions. Dedicated Warehousing provides the advantage of a fully customized long-term solution, while Shared Warehousing allows for maximum cost savings and scalability.

Finishing & Value Added Services


West Coast Distribution offers one of the most comprehensive sets of Finishing Solutions in the industry. We are able to handle last minute Finishing orders with ease and turn them around in less than 24 hours, when needed. This is one of our most sought after services because of its breadth, quality, accuracy, and turn-around speed.

Transportation & Shipping Services


We understand that on-time delivery, the careful handling of product, and affordable rates are our clients’ biggest needs when it comes to transportation and shipping fulfillment services. We deliver our clients’ products daily to major and small retailers locally, nationally, and internationally.

eCommerce Services


West Coast Distribution is now offering a complete eCommerce solution to all of our clients. Through our partnership with a leading Los Angeles-based web design and digital marketing firm, we have all the capabilities to build, grow, and manage your entire eCommerce business.