Finishing Solutions

West Coast Distribution offers one of the most comprehensive, high quality, and affordable sets of Finishing solutions in the industry. Last minute project? Call us today at 323-588-6508 to get started immediately. We can often complete your urgent project in 24 hours or less.

Service List

  1. Bagging
  2. Button Attachment
  3. Button Changes
  4. Deodorizing
  5. Emblem Attachment
  6. Folding
  7. Hanger Change
  8. Hanger Insertion
  9. Heat Transfer
  10. Labeling/Relabeling
  11. Packaging
  12. Pressing
  13. Repairs
  14. Returns Processing
  15. Reverse Logistics
  16. Riveting
  17. Salvage
  18. Set Assembly
  19. Steaming
  20. Ticketing/Reticketing
  21. UPC Barcoding

We can help you with a lot more! Just give us a call 323-588-6508.

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Services & Urgent Projects

Finishing Excellence

West Coast Distribution offers one of the most comprehensive sets of Finishing solutions and Value Added services in the industry. When products arrive from the manufacturing facility, they often need modifications before they can be shipped to a particular retailer or to consumers. That can mean sorting, reticketing, relabeling, inspection/quality control, kit assembly, and much more. That’s where we come in. We excel at meeting what is one of the biggest challenges in retail and apparel fulfillment – a constant need for last-minute changes to products before they get to the store or individual customer. We deliver quick and high-quality services and we offer a full range of resources to ensure your project is completed to your exact specifications. Whether you need repairs, pick and pack, or any type of rework, we get things done quickly and accurately.

Every month our team of associates processes over 1,000,000 garments and hundreds of thousands of retail products, such as handbags, cosmetics, and kitchen accessories, for the company’s clients.  We understand that every client’s finishing needs differ, which is why we are committed to providing a comprehensive set of services, ranging from the simple to the highly complex. Our fulfillment warehouse is uniquely set up to meet all types of finishing demands, so whether you are looking to make final repairs to garments or are in need of reverse logistics, our solutions will meet your needs while saving you money.

We are happy to say that, over the years, our Finishing team has continually exceeded our clients’ expectations. In fact, our excellence in Finishing and Value Added services is one of the reasons for our continual growth and success over the past 20 years.