Dedicated Warehousing

Dedicated Warehousing offers clients a long-term, strategic partnership arrangement with a fully customized logistics solution.

Dedicated Warehousing Benefits


West Coast Distribution’s Dedicated Warehousing and Fulfillment services offer clients a long-term, strategic partnership arrangement, which delivers a fully customized solution, tailored specifically to the client’s needs and objectives.

  1. Fully customized and dedicated space, assets and resources. This is like having your own warehouse, while leveraging our expertise and resources
  2. Closely monitor your services, inventory, and processes
  3. We provide/help with site selection, facility acquisition, equipment selection, set up, and more
  4. We work closely with you to ensure all your goals are fully met
  5. Ideal solution to: store excess products, enter new markets with minimal capital investment, manage returns, and combine finishing / value added services and premium fulfillment in one location 
  6. Reduce your expenses by divesting your assets and using our expertise in process improvement, automation, inventory control, and more

Dedicated Warehousing Services

These are just some of our Dedicated warehousing services:

  1.  Order Receiving, Processing, and Fulfillment

From receiving orders to preparing orders and products for shipment, we manage the entire order fulfillment process from start to finish. We pick, pack, and ship your products in minimal time and at highly affordable rates.

  1. Easy Returns

Clients have the ability to automatically route returned products for inspection, quality control, rework, repackaging, re-inventorying, salvage, destruction or “return to vendor.”

  1. Finishing Services, Kitting & Assembly

Our clients’ continual need for systematic or last minute changes to their merchandise is fulfilled through our Finishing department, where we offer a virtually unlimited number of services. In addition, if you need custom kitting and assembly services, including POP displays, we offer that as well.

  1. Integrated Shipping & Transportation

Whether you are looking for local or worldwide fulfillment, we offer dependable and affordable integrated shipping and transportation solutions. Since we are located within just 20 miles of the major shipping ports and airports of Los Angeles, clients are able to save significantly, while reliably shipping their products nationwide and worldwide. We are well positioned to meet your unique shipping and transportation needs.

  1. Inventory Control

WCD provides inventory control and cycle counts to ensure clients’ products are properly managed.  We are committed to accuracy, as we understand precision is crucial for our clients and their customers.

  1. 24/7 Web-based access to your account, real-time information anytime anywhere, and instant notifications

View your inventory, initiate orders, create reports, pay invoices, and more through our user-friendly e-Portal anytime, anywhere. Technologies such as Radio Frequency and barcoding allow for data to be instantly updated at all times, so you always see 100% up-to-date information.