Welcome to the West Coast Distribution blog!

We are so excited to launch our blog, as we’d like to take this opportunity to bring you premium content and answer your most pressing Logistics questions. We look forward to bringing you informative, interesting, and helpful posts that will aim to educate, inform, and ultimately help you make the best logistics choices for your company.

As this is our first post, we’ll start by introducing ourselves.

For over 20 years we have been providing our clients with state-of-the-art 3PL / Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Fulfillment, Warehousing, Distribution, and Finishing / Value Added services. We help clients in the Apparel, Retail, and Lifestyle industries. However, this isn’t an exclusive list, as we’ve been also serving clients in the Cosmetics, Accessories, Office Supplies, Furniture, and many other industries. Since we are one of the premier providers of Logistics services, clients come to us for the quality of service they get and stay with us because of the results they see.

When people see “premier” services, they often think those services come with a hefty price tag. Not with us. You will be surprised at the value-for-the-money you get when you give us a try.

But I digress…. , so let’s go back to how it all began…

It all started back in 1993 when we launched the company in a tiny warehouse in Westminster, CA. We didn’t have much but we had a dream and a small team that was ready to work hard to make that dream a reality.

We initially focused on apparel finishing services, manufacturing private label apparel, and providing distribution solutions. By the early 2000s it became evident our strength lied in Logistics Management and thus, manufacturing was phased out.

As one door closed and a much bigger one opened, we found ourselves at the start of a growth spurt. By partnering with some amazingly fast growing brands, such as 7 For All Mankind, a premium denim company that exploded as it launched while also inspiring the birth of many other premium denim brands, and some well-established companies, such as BCBG, we began to fulfill our vision of providing the best logistics solutions to apparel and retail brands across the nation.

What do we mean by “the best”? We focus on providing solutions that fit brands’ and manufacturers’ current and evolving needs, not their past ones. In this sense, we’ve brought logistics into the 21st century by focusing on the following: 1) nurturing a close relationship that allows us to become an extension of your team; 2) utilizing the best technologies to organize and simplify our operations, and most importantly make everything cost effective and fully transparent to you; 3) providing comprehensive on-demand solutions that save your company money; 4) continually looking for ways to increase your bottom line through solutions, such as best-in-class WMS systems, efficient inventory management, and cost-effective store deliveries.

As one would expect not everything is the way it was 21 years ago when we were just starting out. We’ve moved to Los Angeles and have greatly evolved our best practices as well as stayed on the cutting edge of the best technology solutions for our clients.

So what makes us different from others in the industry? We simply get things done, even when that may seem impossible to some. We treat your logistics operation as our own business. We put people first and technology second and we make sure our state-of-art solutions provide you with unprecedented logistics results.

Welcome to WCD! We look forward to starting a conversation.