West Coast Distribution is a leading Third Party Logistics Provider in the Apparel, Retail, and Lifestyle industries. We love to resolve logistics challenges and get your product to market fast.

Why should I outsource my fulfillment to WCD versus the competition?

Just like in any business, when it comes down to the final decision and a few great choices, we often hear the question “Why should I give my business to you?” People are looking for the best possible partnership. They want real value and a great working relationship. They want to minimize mistakes and misunderstandings. They need to feel trust deep down on a gut level.

While we don’t pretend to be the best possible fit for everyone out there, that’s just not realistic, we know that after all the visits, meetings, and number crunching both parties can feel it in their gut whether or not it’s the best fit. And that goes both ways. So, what does it come down to?


Experienced Fulfillment CenterThe loss of control can be truly overwhelming. “Should I really outsource my warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment services?” “If I can only hire the right people to run it in-house… Am I outsourcing to the right company?” “Can I really trust them to do this job without running my logistics into the ground and causing irreparable damage to my business?” The all-encompassing thoughts of miscues and mistakes can be paralyzing and all consuming.

But then you get back to your purpose, your grand vision, your core, and you start looking… You start looking at the numbers, then the expertise, the experience, the people…and, finally, when you find trust, it just clicks.

Experienced Fulfillment Center

West Coast Distribution has over 22 years of experience in the fulfillment process. However, what matters more than those years of experience is the expertise and passion of the team, many of whom have been with the company from the beginning. These amazing individuals have the drive to deliver the best logistics service to each and every client. They look for and invest in the best technology that brings real results and real savings.

Many 3PLs say, “We can do the fulfillment.” But in essence, they can’t. And once started down that slippery slope of mistakes, it is almost impossible to recover and that’s a situation you don’t want to find yourself in. That was your biggest fear to begin with.

Expert Fulfillment Services

Expert Fulfillment ServicesSo, the question is what does ‘WCD’ do differently? Well, for starters, the West Coast team gets to know you and your needs on a level that helps us understand your uniqueness and what really makes your business ‘tick’. Instead of saying, “We are the experts, we’ve done this before, and let us show you how we do it”, our team begins by discovering deep insights about you, so we can propose the best possible solutions based on your strengths and your challenges. We offer you a true partnership, in which we strive to not only deliver beyond what you expect operationally but to help you toward your big vision. WCD doesn’t look at the size of your business. We have experts on both sides of the size scale and are happy to partner with you whether you are just starting out or have been around for years. It’s all about fit. So, when you get that gut feeling of trust, when you feel that ‘click’, we are ready to start on the journey toward your greatest success together.